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Log Chain In Supply Chain – Spica Log Chain


In the video titled “Log Chain In Supply Chain”, Log Chain demonstrates how their system helps with delivering packages. They first begin the video with an animation of a logistics manager, showing how he has to deal with an angry customer and how this could have been prevented if he was using this LogChain system. Once they are done with the animations, they begin to discuss what this system can do for your supply chain. By briefly going to each aspect of the supply chain and stating how this system will assist you and make your company operate more efficiently, they continue with animations showing how this satisfies not only company owners, but also stockholders. The system allows them to stay informed on truck deliveries, dispatchers, customers, and the logistics of the supply chain. They also discuss how this system can assist in less time-consuming paperwork, improving productivity. Next, they have a list of why you should be choosing this supply chain system for your company. Finally, they conclude the video and leave a link for viewers to get more information on the system.

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