Introduction To Barcode Types

Introduction To Barcode Types And Their Use
Introduction: In this video, “Introduction to Barcode Types”, speaker Sikanar Hayat of ERPstuff discusses the different types of barcodes and important considerations in the barcode selection process. Barcodes are useful because of their accuracy, speed, and automation. Important considerations include the nature of business and use, size limitations, printing and scanning speed, characters to include, available scanners, and data size.
UPC, or universal product code, is used in retail industry POS and includes either UPC – A 12 numbers or UPC- E 6 numbers. UPC codes are mainly used in the USA.  EAN code is used in the retail industry POS and is mainly used in Europe. EAN either covers 8 or 13 digits. Code 39 or 3 of 9 has general use and uses both digits and characters. Code 128 is used in supply chains and for compact, high-density codes. ITF, or interleaved 2 of 5, is used to label packaging materials and are ideal for printing on corrugated cardboard. QR codes are used for tracking and marketing, are flexible in size, and have fast readability. PDF417 are used by governments and logistics and are ideal for large amounts of data. AZTEC are used by transportation passes and bad resolutions can still be scanned.

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