How Cloud Computing changed the world!

This video is all about How Cloud Computing Changed The World. In this we have talked about what is cloud, and how it changed the world and our everyday lives in the following sectors: Entertainment: Streaming Audio and Video with the help of internet Education Healthcare Mobile Apps & Social Media File Storage and Sharing Internet of Things (IOT) E-Commerce Also check out similar interesting videos related to cloud computing:

What is Cloud?

Top 10 facts about Cloud Computing that will blow your mind!

Audience: This Cloud Computing Full Course has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic concepts related to Cloud Computing. This course will give you enough understanding on Cloud Computing concepts from which you can gain your expertise in the cloud career.

Prerequisites: Before proceeding with this course, you should have basic knowledge of Computers, Internet, Database and Networking concepts. These concepts will help you in understanding the Cloud Computing knowledge and excel on the learning track.

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