Excel Stock And Inventory Tracker

Excel Stock And Inventory Tracker Manage Stock In And Out In Excel!
Introduction: In this video titled “Excel Stock and Inventory Tracker” from the company Someka Excel Solutions, the stocks in and out template is explored in depth to highlight its easy-to-use interface and its benefits of use. The template shows financials over your products, as well as, their categories in an organized fashion. The template also provides the user with inventory reports with purchase and sales information.
The template is organized in sections including the dashboard, item list, received section, sales, and settings. Each section is explored in depth and how to use them efficiently. In the settings section, users can input product information, their categories, and units as default options to make it easier to input information in the other sections with the drop and select option.
In the item list section, users can input product information using the defaults from settings for each row like product code, category, unit, and more. In the received section, the rows of the database include information like the dates, codes, quantities, price, categories, and units. In the sales portion, the in-depth sales information is displayed in a table organized by date, codes, price, and more. When editing these sections, the dashboard is also updated when clicking the refresh button. The charts in the dashboard display the financials and profits data.


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