Building a career in E-commerce

Building a career in E-commerce Warehousing & Supply Chain | Live Webinar
Introduction : This webinar from Naukri Learning covers how to build a career in e-Commerce Operations and in the Supply Chain industry. The speaker first covers what e-Commerce is. E-Commerce refers to electronic commerce and deals with any activity of buying, selling, or payment of goods and services that happens electronically.
The speaker then shows visuals of India’s online shipping GMV and the share of various segments in E-commerce retail. These segments include general merchandise, jewelry and luxury goods, health and fitness, consumer electronics, etc. Discussed next is India’s advantageous outlook with growing demand, attractive opportunities, policy support, and increasing investments.
The speaker then explains types of careers / job roles in the E-commerce industry. These jobs are broken down into three categories: fresher jobs, experienced-level jobs, and management jobs. Fresher jobs include Warehouse Executive, Fulfillment Executive, e-Commerce Executive, Inventory Planner, and more. Experiences-level jobs include e-Commerce Manager, Supply Chain manager, Warehouse Manager, and more. Management jobs include Operations Head, Growth Manager, and more. The speaker talks through these various jobs, including their experience requirements and job descriptions. Lastly, the speaker explains the importance of Supply Chain and Supply Chain management, including quality assurance and improved compliance and the skills required to build a career in e-Commerce operations.

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