Azure DevOps And Azure Boards

In this video you will learn what is Azure DevOps and Azure Boards in detail. Timestamp:

00:00 Introduction to Azure DevOps

00:04 What are the modules of Azure DevOps? and what is Azure Boards ?

00:08 Components of Azure Boards and finally the Demo on Azure Boards.

00:12 What is Azure DevOps?

00:28 Different modules of Azure DevOps?

01:20 What is Azure Boards?

01:48 Components of azure boards

01:52 Work Items, Boards, Backlogs, Sprints, Queries, Delivery plans.

01:56 work item is used to find work

02:08 Use of Kanban boards

02:40 let’s get start with Demo on Azure Boards

02:44 create new organization

03:20 create project

03:28 azure boards Process

03:40 process basic, agile, scrum , CMMI

04:08 add different types of work items that is epic.

04:12 issue, tasks the highest level is always epic

05:04 give priority to the epic

05:52 Kanban boards.

07:04 create task

07:32 move to the backlogs

07:36 advantage of this backlogs can see the work items with their hierarchy

08:24 add extra column click on add a column

08:28 can select the column title

09:20 delivery plan once after creating new plan we can track and visualize the work flow

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