This video from DataToBiz showcases a new technology called “Anti-Covid-I” This technology is effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in public spaces such as grocery stores. There is a new normal that defines the way things work. In an era where digital solutions are used to transform businesses, implementing technology to avert and alleviate a pandemic is the safest way to step into the new normal.

Why use it? Resources and staff are limited, and our frontline workers are at a health risk. AI tech solutions are a resource that can protect citizens and works to limit further community transmission. This has multiple functions such as face mask detection, social distancing alerts, contactless employee attendance, and in-store hot spot zone detection. There is an array of benefits to using this technology during a pandemic, most of all being it can assist in limiting the spread of COVID-19.


Artificial Intelligence Used In Pharmaceutical Industries

Artificial Intelligence In Pharma & Healthcare

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