3 Key Steps In Planning A Data Center

3 Key Steps In Planning A Data Center
This video from MSP TV explains the 3 key steps during the planning process of a data center. These steps are planning, reference design, and cost analysis. Data center planning and design must be done right from the start so that you have the right information so that the project of building a data center runs smoothly or better than expected. Reference design is a system blueprint with a list of attributes, such as system-level performance specifications, along with materials and components. This design could be for a complete data center or for a subsection, such as an IT Pod, power plant, or cooling room. The most important step for planning a data center is the cost analysis of building it. As the needs of a data center vary, so do their budgets. There are several tools that service providers use to data mine the cost using deep scientific research and data trending for a wider benchmark.

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