17 Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Training

17 Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Training | Management Tools | Azure Shell | Azure Portal | ARM | Azure Power Shell Introduction Why Cloud?

Before Cloud Computing What is Cloud?

What is Cloud Computing?

Service Models SaaS PaaS IaaS Deployment Models Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Cloud Providers Azure Fundamentals Getting Started with Azure What is Microsoft Azure?

Use-case How will we implement this?

Azure Components App Service Compute Domain Blob Storage Storage Domain MySQL for Azure Auto Scaling & Load Balancing How to launch services in Azure?

Demo Azure Pricing Storage Domain Why Storage?

Storage vs Database What is Azure Storage?

Components of Azure Storage Network Domain Virtual Networks What is Virtual Machine?

Why Virtual Networks? What is Virtual Network?

What are Azure Subnet? Network Security Groups Virtual Network Architecture Access Management Azure Active Directory What is Azure Active Directory?

Windows AD vs Azure AD Service Audience Azure Active Directory Editions Azure Active Directory Tenants Azure DevOps What is DevOps?

Components of Azure DevOps Azure Boards Azure Data Factory Why Data Factory?

What is Data Factory? Data Factory Concepts What is Data Lake?

Data Lake Concepts Data Lake vs Data Warehouse Move Data From SQL DB to Blog Storage Important Services & Pointers Azure Machine Learning Machine Learning Machine Learning Algorithms Various Processes in ML Lifecycle Microsoft Azure ML Studio Azure IoT What is IoT?

IoT on Azure Azure IoT Components Azure BoT Service What are ChatBots?

Need for Chatbots Creating a ChatBot for Facebook Messenger AWS vs Azure vs GCP Security Integration Analytics & ML DevOps Hybrid Capabilities PaaS Offerings Learning Curve Scalability Cost Efficient The Final View Cloud Careers Azure Interview Questions Cloud Engineer Jobs, Salary, Skills & Responsibilities Cloud Engineer Job & Salary Trends Cloud Engineer Job Skills & Description Cloud Engineer Responsibilities

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