UGREEN USB 2.0 Sharing Switch – Use One USB Hub with Multiple PCs

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Transcript Excerpt

Ok, what we have here is a UGreen USB 2.0 Sharing Switch 2-to-1, it is meant to take in two 2.0 USB inputs and share them with this one output.  It came with two fairly long USB 2.0 cables. It is fairly small, but we thought it was going to be a lot bigger.  It has a fairly large button in the corner that is for switching the port order although it makes a sound when you press it, some people may even find it louder than it should be.  On the front here are two little LED lights that will light up to tell you which port is active and the one output port.  Now, this might be a problem because whatever you want to share has to be plugged into that singular output port to share between the two devices that are connected to the two inputs.  Now if you were to buy an actual KBM switch, which can be a little more pricey, they have a lot more ports that allow you to share between three, four more computers.  So, what I did to combat this one port is I brought in a simple USB hub, this is a 4 port, with the fourth one on the end here.  It’s a 2.0 USB which is a fairly cheap device, so what we did was plug our mouse and keyboard into this USB hub ports and I plug it into the UGreen 2.0 USB and that pretty much solves the problem.  Alright so here on our desk we have our cables here that we’re about to hook up to our Switch.  So here on one of our screens, we have our shows that we like to watch on late-night Sundays which are also going to serve as our little test subjects.  So, let’s go ahead and hook up the USB 2.0 Switch, and plug it into one and two.  So, we have plugged in our two PCs, one from our server under the desk, and this one is plugged into the PC. Now take out our USB hub 2.0 and plug it into the output and plug-in our mouse and keyboard and here we go.  Now we see the two LED lights light up and now when we move our mouse and window, we can see that we can move it across our two screens, thanks to the Switch and it’s good.  Now if I want to control the server all I have to do is switch it on my one monitor, it has a set of HDMI that I can switch; then I select that button on top of the Switch and that switches the port order in these devices.  Just so you can see the difference we will notice that we have a completely different screen on our one here. So, we are going to test our new screens by opening up the browser, and if you will notice we only have our server appear on this one screen, not vft5both, because we don’t need both.  Further, as we can see our keyboard and mouse are working with the one monitor that is just our server.  We haven’t seen any lag or additional latency from adding these devices. So, to wrap it all up we use the UGreen USB 2.0 Sharing and a normal USB hub to share our screen with several other devices, such as our mouse and keyboard. 


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