TribalHub Membership Overview


Topics: TribalHub, Market Research, IT Industry, Casinos & Gaming Industry, Healthcare 

Transcript Excerpt 

The TribalHub database is a robust tool that can be used by the IT Industry, Healthcare industry, and the gaming and casino industry. It helps companies conduct market research as this database is full of useful information. It allows companies to look up useful information to get ahead of their competitors. According to the speaker, this is essential to succeeding in the technology industry as knowing the customers and competitors is the most important aspect. TribalHub gives you access to a company’s finance, human resources, operations, and much more useful information that users can use for their benefit.  

The speaker goes over three industries that TribalHub has information on that can be used in market research. The first is the casino industry. Here the user can find lots of useful information that would be time-consuming to find elsewhere. The user has access to the CEO, general finance manager, human resources, IT department, marketing department, operations, player development and purchasing. It gives the user the names of those who work in each position so that it is easy to contact them.  

Health centers are also in the database. With technology and healthcare being more intertwined this market is always growing. Through TribalHub the user can find information on the CEO, clinical applications coordinator, finance director, human resources, IT, and operations.  

The third group of people shown off in the database are tribal government offices. The user has access to the CEO, Economic developer, Finance administrator, human resources, IT department, marketing leads, operations, purchasing, tribal administrator and the tribal council. Just like the other categories contact information is all provided which is important for market research.  

TribalHub gives users more than just contact information. It gives users access to different applications so that companies can make the best decisions. It also gives companies knowledge on who is working with who. This means the user can see which companies already have partnerships and what that partnership entails. It is also possible to view the size and structure of different organizations to ensure that the user’s company is the right fit. According to the speaker, this saves time because this information is not easily available anywhere else. What this means is that customers can do their market research to better find a solution that fits their needs.    

Potential customers are also using the TribalHub portal. This means that users are encouraged to create a company profile. The user’s company profile shows contact information and where solutions are installed. This gives the customer lots of information about a company and lets them make a more informed decision. As a member, the user’s company will appear at the top of a search which gives members an advantage. It is constantly being updated and monitored for up-to-date information. TribialHub members also receive custom posts on social media, group emails on distributing lists and discounts on advertising in the bi-annual magazine. This is why companies should sign up for this membership.   

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