This Handheld Device Created by a Youtuber Runs MacOS Big Sur

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  • January 5, 2022
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Topics: Handheld Device, MacOS Big Sur, Mobile PC

Transcript Excerpt

How to build a handheld device that can run MacOS Big Sur is taught in this video by a Youtuber. To implement this handheld device, he used the single board computer latte panda alpha SBC which has an intel core m3 CPU and 8GB of RAM, an Arduino Leonardo microcontroller board, a 240GB SATA SSD with the operating system preinstalled, and a 3D-printed case. Throughout the video, the YouTuber shows how to assemble all these components to get a handheld PC that runs MacOS Big Sur. The YouTuber winds cables, cuts screws, cleans screens and plugs things into ports. The interface seems completely operational in the limited footage we see except for the battery readout which appears not working well. At the end of creation of his own handheld device, the YouTuber admits that this handheld device running MacOS Big Sur is not practical. He just makes it for a personal use. He also mentions the fact that it is much cheaper to buy an M1 Mac Mini instead of buying the parts required to come out with this handheld device.

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