The Power Of Being Educated Through Entertainment


Topics: Learning, Dekko, Culture, Entertainment, Education

Transcript Excerpt

According to the speaker, the education system has a negative impact on the lives of students and the community as a whole. Our culture values education however schools do a poor job at reflecting that. School is an important part of a person’s daily life as it can affect the rest of someone’s life. Many criminals often do poorly in school which forces them into a life of crime. In less extreme cases a poor performance in school is demotivating, disheartening, and frustrating for the students. This has created a culture where students have a negative relationship with learning because of these poor performances.  

The speaker says that this is the case because school is boring and does not accommodate every learning style. Students are given long lectures, worksheets, standardized testing, and other measures that only accommodate one kind of learning. Students are not given a choice on how they progress through the education system, and this leaves many to fall behind or feel like their efforts are being wasted. Another part of the schooling system that is damaging to students is the long hours and homework. Homework is viewed as isolating to students because it takes away from the free time that children have. The speaker discusses that in Sweden children and adults are given shorter work weeks. One would assume that this would cut down on productivity however that is not the case. People work more efficiently when given more free time. Studies have already shown this to be effective in workplaces so the same should hold true for school.   

The speaker’s solution to this is Dekko. Dekko is a comic series that is designed to educate readers on subjects they may be struggling with. It was inspired by the speaker’s own personal experience.  The speaker has dyslexia and only found success in school when they began drawing comics of the event. Dekko has been shown to help students who are struggling in school. One study found that the comics especially helped students with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and other groups of neurodivergent children. The reason for this is that these comics were not only visually engaging but also offer a story. These stories turn education into entertainment. Entertainment is something everyone enjoys and helps make learning more enjoyable as well. With new technologies on the horizon, more students than ever will be doing well in the education system.


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