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  • June 18, 2022
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Transcript Excerpt

There are a ton of proactive and sports activities that can be carried out in Gothenburg and Chalmers. Many students were interviewed, and their testimonies were provided to show viewers the potential of Chalmers. First, the previous year’s ambassador, Juan Francisco, talks about all the options available for an active lifestyle. Juan is pursuing production engineering and shows plenty of avenues in Kungsportsplatsen to go out for a run. Starting from a track surrounded by beautiful big trees, Juan displays the path surrounding greenery. There are many tracks in and around the city, as well as the campus. Juan has perpetually observed people going for runs everywhere around Kungsportsplatsen and claims it is an excellent place for runs. Next, the following testimony is given by Fardan, who is pursuing his second year in mechanical engineering at Chalmers. One of the physical activities Fardan usually carries out is going to the gym in Johannesburg and mostly doing weight training. During winters, the options for outdoor activities are fewer, and thus, going to the gym to work out and do physical activities to keep the blood flowing is a good option to get fit.

Ni Made Nindya Desivyana gives the following statement. Nindya is undertaking design and construction project management and continues pursuing her passion for tennis in Lunden. Nindya started playing tennis at eight years old and has been playing for fourteen years. Nindya enjoys tennis quite a lot because she can transfer energy from her body to her hit. Lunden has a huge court, allowing Nindya to play as much tennis as she likes, and she ends up playing three to four times a week.

The subsequent testimony is given by Bani, who is studying Master of Biomedical Engineering and Chalmers University of Technology. Bani talks about his experience riding bikes on campus and around the city. What Bani loves most about cycling is that it is practically a free mode of transport worldwide. In summer alone, Bani traveled more than a thousand kilometers around Gothenburg and outside the city as well. It is pretty accessible to cycle around Gothenburg because the city is very bicycle-friendly. The cars, heavy vehicles, and other road users are quite considerate of bikers, and there is even a separate bike lane. Finally, Papop gives the final statement on the fun of playing badminton. Papop is a student in the management and economics of innovation program at Chalmers University. Papop claims how fun and exciting the sport of badminton is. According to him, it is very relaxing, especially in winter since it is an indoor sport. The colossal badminton court holds many students who can play simultaneously. Finally, Juan Francisco ends the video by summing up all the sports students can pursue at Chalmers. Other activities are also open for trying; for instance, Juan takes up Salsa and Bachata. Even though those activities are not that common in the Nordic countries, they can be found here in Gothenburg.

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