React JS Font-End Development Tutorial for Beginners

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  • January 12, 2022
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Don The Developer

Topics: React JS, Front-end Web Development, Software

Transcript Summary

React JS and Front-end Web Development is discussed. React JS is a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook for building user interfaces. Front-end web development consists of websites and applications using web technologies such as HTML, DOM, and Javascript which run on the Open Web Platform or act as an input for non-web platform environments. The presenter discusses React JS and Front-end Web Development topics. 

The MVC pattern, which is the model, view, and controller is implemented in React JS. The view part is where the developer is creating the design part, while the model and the controller parts are ignored in the files and the library.  

In a website, if there are parts of a website that ever had a section, there will be a body and a photo section. All of these things come under components. Every part of a website is created as a component. 

The first step a user should do is find the folder structure once you create the application. This will start from the public source folder and the packaged JSON folder. This will have the name of the created application and it has a script that will start the application. This will build using the script that is used to test. Everything that is related to the application is mentioned.  

The second step is to go to the public folder. This public folder is very important because this is the first place where the application, once loaded, the first interaction comes from. Files that are indexed or labeled as HTML are considered the main file. There are no changes made in these files apart from adding any JavaScript or any Bootstrap library.  

Apart from this, the file is the same because this represents the entry point. There is a route in the public folder. Once the source folder is entered our source folder, this will have all the different types of files. The other file that is very important is the indexed or GS. This file is going to load the route next to the HTML file. 

The component route is being loaded using this file indexed that is in the source folder. Once these index dot HTML is loaded, it is called the root component. Whenever you create any application we have this folder structure and this application or file is already ready.  

Apart from this, there are files like the CSS file. This is indexed towards the CSS file. A user can create as many classes and then it can be applied on your application or file. There is already imported the application dot CSS file and it can be applied using this class. This would be the full fledged folder structure of the application. There is a public main folder from where the application runs. The application is loaded in the browser. There is also a source folder in which all the source files. The components create different components in terms of JavaScript files.


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