Mentally Resilient Leadership

Roxanne Derhodge presents: ‘Mentally Resilient Leadership’

A reminder that the GAOTek Global Virtual Summits will be starting soon. The summit features technical expertise, including speaker Roxanne Derhodge – a keynote speaker, consultant, coach, author and podcaster – and her presentation ‘Mentally Resilient Leadership’. This event will be taking place from 12:30 PM 2:00 PM EST, Tuesday May 20th, 2021.

Roxanne Derhodge is a registered Psychotherapist, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and author with 25 years of experience in the mental health and wellness arena. She works with corporations to help enhance leadership styles for senior leaders. Her focus begins with helping her clients to develop a sense of resilience. Roxanne Derhodge says that when leaders focus on “Return on Relationships”, the company’s ROI takes care of itself. She also helps senior leaders understand the needs of their employees, which will help keep them healthy and more productive at work, will decrease the skyrocketing costs of absenteeism, arbitrations, incidental absences, as well as short-term and long-term disability claims.

Mentally Resilient Leadership is a state that many are capable of. Roxanne’s step-by-step training will allow attendees to develop their own internal concept of resilience. Utilizing the feedback from your employees, customized webinars will be developed to address the core concerns that impact the workplace lives and the current pandemic environment. Roxanne assures attendees that they will leave the presentation feeling equipped to effectively deal with resiliency. They will be able to build better relationships and thrive in a healthier workplace.

After Roxanne’s presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Gain clarity on how you may be hindering your employees’ capacity to connect at work
  • Learn how to tap into the unlimited supply of your Mentally Resilient Leadership Space to motivate your employees
  • Uncover the biggest mistakes leaders make with Mental Resilience and learn how to avoid it
  • Break down your Leadership Mental Resilience Leadership Blockers
  • Develop strategies to bulletproof your Mental Resilience Leadership Skills

For anyone interested in the topics of Mental Resilience and Corporate Leadership, please join speaker Roxanne Derhodge to learn from her step-by-step coaching process. This will be a chance to hear from a real expert in the field.

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A reminder that the GAOTek Global Virtual Summits will be commencing soon. There will be a wealth of great content, including the presentation ‘Mentatlly Resilient Leadership’ by keynote speaker and consultant, Roxanne Derhodge. For anyone interested in Mental Resilience, and Corporate Leadership, this is a great opportunity to hear directly from a field expert. Visit today to purchase your membership to attend this event.


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