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Transcript Excerpt

Nowadays, IoT is all around the world in a wide range of usage. IoT is now applied to the logistics industries and it provides various solutions for the industries. IoT can improve businesses and their efficiency to meet the needs of the customers. However, there is an issue that has been worrying the industries for a very long time now. The issue is “lost or overconcentration of assets”, for instance, pallets or rolls cages. “AlpsAlpine” is a company that offers IoT solutions. It is the perfect company to address the issue. Back in the day, businesses needed to track their assets so they were using GPS and 3G. However, there were plenty of issues. The most important one is that the asset tracking was only done outdoor, indoors it was too difficult, almost impossible to track the assets. To make it short the 3G and GPS tracking gad three main disadvantages.  Poor combability with indoor environments, high equipment, and communication costs, and insufficient continuous operation time. They were all affecting the customer. The question that is all thinking of, is how will this issue be solved. “AlpsAlpine” is the right solution. Here are the solutions of the company. For the indoor environment issue, “AlpsAlpine” will use “SigFox” and WIFI to track assets indoors. The information will be gathered and sent to the devices that are connected to the WIFI access points. Then throw the “Sig Fox” base the data is sent to the cloud. It is an amazing solution that can solve all the 3G and GPS issues. Here are some of the advantages that “SigFox” has over 3G and GPS. Low-cost consumption, low communication cost, and capability to track in an indoor environment.  For the second issue of cost-effective “AlpsAlpine” will track the assets by sensors and algorithms to continue operating for at least 10 years and low cost. “AlpsAlpine” and “Sig Fox” have established a partnership together and they are already a global partnership alliance where they have established the framework for worldwide collaboration. Today, over 250,000 devices are sent to Europe and they have located in the places where they are being used. These pallets and roll cages are now trackable everywhere at any time different from before when they could not be found and they could be easily lost. Now, thanks to “AlpsAlpine” and “SigFox”, the customers have lifelong lasting tracking assets that can innovate the world where people live. Long lifetime asset tracker brings innovation to asset management that will carry on contributing to greater efficiency in industry and infrastructure with IoT technology. 


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