Lecture 16: Routing Metrics

Lecture 16: Routing Metrics
Introduction: In Lecture 16 by Talha Ibn Aziz, you will learn a lot on how routing metrics work as a whole. In this lecture he will cover what Routing Metrics are, Optimization Objective, and the challenges in wireless networks. Expected Transmission Count (ETX), Calculating link ETX, Measuring Delivery Ratios, Route ETX Calculations, ETX Limitations, Expected Transmission Time (ETT), and Routing Metric WCETT are also discussed.
Routing Metric has value assigned to each route or path, where it reflects the cost of using the routings with consideration of the optimization objectives, and the metrics are able to determine which of the constraints are more emphasized. In order to measure out the delivery ratios, each of the nodes broadcast small linked probes at least once for every second, then the nodes are received over 10 seconds.
There are a lot of limitations towards ETX. These include that the ETX links probes are susceptible to MAC unfairness and hidden terminals, the estimates are based on measurements of one single link probe, and it is assumed that all of the EXT links are run at bitrate


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