Intro To Bluetooth Low Energy

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  • May 30, 2021
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In this video by Ellisys, Mohammad Afaneh walks us through what Bluetooth really is and how it differs from Bluetooth Low Energy. Next, he tells us about where Bluetooth Low Energy came from back in 2010 and how it became known as a part of the internet of things.

The characteristics of BLE, including low power use, wireless use, and connects devices, are then discussed. He explains the difference between Bluetooth Classic and BLE. After, he explains the applications of BLE including smart door locks, fitness devices, and GPS location technology. He also describes the difference between a central and peripheral device.

He  goes into detail about the benefits of BLE, including low power consumption, free cost for the documents, lower cost for modules and chips, and the availability of BLE in your smartphone. Finally, He breaks down the main characteristics of BLE and how they are influential to you.

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