How To Thrive

How To Thrive In Industry 4.0
Introduction: In this video by the company Exellys, they discuss how to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution. They stress that the world as we know it will change and the people that think the world will be the same, need to see how fast the technology is growing and changing the world.
The video stresses that the need for a good HR and recruiting team is imperative because not only do they want to hire the good and right people, but they also want to keep them. HR and recruiting can help guarantee that. They discuss that the focus of the fourth industrial revolution is technology, but what we do with that data and technology will define our future.
They discuss key characteristics that people must have to strive in this new time. The most important characteristic is keeping an open mind and being comfortable with change because if you are comfortable with change, then the opportunities are endless in this new world that we are living in.

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