How To Stop Automatic Updates On Android


Topics: Disable Automatic Updates, Application Updates, Android, Software

Transcript Summary 

How to disable automatic updates on Android is reviewed in this video. Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google to be used for touchscreen devices, cell phones, and tablets. Android lets users manipulate the mobile devices through finger movements that mirror common motions, such as pinching, swiping, and tapping. The video discusses many topics involving Android, such as the main updates that are stalling the Android phones and why it is useful for users. 

There are two updates that stall the Android phone. The first update is the Android operating system, and the second update is the Android application updates. To disable automatic updates on the Android application, the user will need to go to the menu, select settings, look for my phone in the general settings section, scroll all the way down to find the device, and select software update. The user will also need to uncheck the “How to Update” section as it will disable automatic updates from the software. Next, the user will have to go to the Play Store and open it. Once the Play Store is open, the user clicks on the three horizontal lines on the upper left side and selects settings where it says, “How to Update Apps” instead of “Auto update apps”. This means that the applications will not disable automatic updates themselves with the inside connection through the application updates. 

The ability to disable automatic updates on an Android application is a useful concept to understand. The user will be able to learn why the application updates are important and useful. The user will also understand more properly making sure that Android updates are done correctly. 


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