How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Gaming Channel


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Transcript Excerpt

YouTube video creator, DeshHere, talks about better ways to get more views for the gaming YouTube Focus Channel. Viewers watch the videos that users post, especially when there is a good title and good thumbnail. The video site pushes it out to people, and it gets impressions, people click on them. The click-through rate ranges between people that don’t and those that do, but it mainly depends on the title and thumbnail. It goes through a system of appearances and rounds of selections, where the user’s videos are compared with and placed next to other videos. When viewers stop clicking on the user’s videos, that’s when it all falls off, that massive push. Utilize searches to get ranks in the searches when viewers click on them. If users are having trouble and want to jumpstart their ranks and get more views with help from an algorithm push, the tutorial will help users get more views for their channel and increase their finance. One way to help the growth of YouTube videos is by having a Steam profile for video gaming creation. It helps the user get more views by linking accounts including your Steam account with Google. On the right, there is a tab for the user’s videos, this is where the user could link their account via Google (preferably Chrome). Next, add the videos. A video named Element is used as a demonstration. The video Element has the same description and has the option to subscribe. The videos that are now Ark related will be under Ark games. Once on the profile, link the channel by clicking add videos from YouTube. Select a video, then select the game that it’s underneath and click add to profile. After going to Ark survival Evolution, the 20 videos shared are shown next to guides and a workshop. Next click the video tab. A fellow video creator who posts lots of Ark content on survival games is found here. After searching for element dust, its successfully found at the top with two of his other videos, which are ranked. Steam heavily weighs towards searching through the title names, so topic names are suggested when creating titles. Once it is there, somebody could look for the videos on element dust and gain better views. There are plenty of guides that get looked at. By holding the shift-tab to open the team menu, people will look up the guides and videos. This is how users get better views from viewers on YouTube.


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