How Does Wix Work And Make Money

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  • June 21, 2022
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Topics: Chat, Wix, e-Commerce 
Transcript Excerpt
When people are running a business online, building a professional site is just the beginning. Next, they will need to turn site visitors into leads, bring in more site visitors and build lasting customer relationships. Users can do all this in one place with a send. First up, turning visitors into leads. Every Wix site comes with a live chat built-in so people can reach out to visitors as they browse the site. People can answer questions, encourage sales, and collect contact details with this lead capture form. People can create automation to keep visitors engaged when they are not around a chat. Choose the trigger like a visitor submitting a contact form, the action like sending a chat or email response, and the timing. People can choose email as their action starting by personalizing the message. First, choose a template. They’re all professionally designed to help drive clicks, so people just need to use drag and drop to add their text and images. Create eye-catching social posts. All these designs are in line with the latest social trends, just customized to suit the specific brand and share on Facebook and Instagram. People can also make a stylish video ad in just a few clicks. Promoting the business through video can boost revenue by 49%. By connecting the Wix site to tools like Facebook, Pixel, and Google Analytics, people can create targeted ads and monitor how people interact with the sites and campaigns. These stats let people know what works and what doesn’t. So, people can optimize their next campaign. Once people have got their brand out there, they can expect more site visitors. Then, people need to start building customer relationships. So, if a new visitor arrives on the site and they ask a question, users will get a notification on their phone and respond right away. Users can help their visitors out and encourage a booking or sale. Every chat conversation is automatically saved here in the inbox and users can manage all their contact info here too such as adding notes and labels. This helps users give great customer service. When it’s time for payment, people send out an invoice from here. With the handy shortcut bar below the chatbox, sellers can send out a discount coupon to encourage a second booking or purchase. And next time the seller is having a sale, let this customer know with a beautiful email campaign. Wix’s email marketing solution is synced with the contact list so people can easily manage their mailing list by targeting all the contacts or just a select group. 


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