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  • June 14, 2022
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We’ll go over how to measure project progress once you’ve set up the project and your team has started recording time. You can check on how things are going by looking at the status on the projects page. You can see how much time and money was recorded on each project to get a more complete analysis. To track progress, first set estimates in project settings. When you select time, you can define overall time for the project or define estimate for each task individually, and when you select money, you can define overall budget for the project or define estimate for each work individually.

If you have recurring estimates or work on a retainer, you can enable reset each month and the progress bar will reset to zero once you define an estimate. Once you define an estimate, you can see how much time and money was tracked and how much remains in the status tab. If you’ve set estimates by task, each task will have their own progress bar.

For example, you can filter by progress and those projects that are over budget will display at the top. If you want to be notified when a project approaches completion or exceeds its budget, you can set up email notifications in workspace settings. Choose when and who should receive alerts, and you’ll receive an email whenever a project or task exceeds the estimate. Once you’re through with a project, you may archive it here. When you archive a project, it will no longer clutter your projects page, and your team won’t be able to choose it and monitor time on an inactive project. To see your archived project, go to archive and click filter.

You could restore a project if you unintentionally archived it. The period for archive projects will remain in reports after archiving, and you can filter by them by selecting archived in the filter drop down. You can also delete archived projects, which will leave them without a project but will not delete their time entries. You can also archive clients and tags you no longer require, as well as complete tasks, so they don’t get in the way. These items will no longer be trackable, but the data will stay intact. You can also add project-related notes to projects on the notes tab, where you can type simple text and apply markdown styling, such as adding links. You can add links with brackets or make something a headline with a hashtag, which will appear as a headline when you’re done editing.


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