WSN Applications And Challenges

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  • May 22, 2021
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WSN Applications And Challenges


In ‘WSN Applications And Challenges’ the EEC Class Youtube channel, in collaboration with GGSIPU, UPTU, Mumbai Univ., Pune Univ., GTU, Anna Univ., PTU and Others, gives an introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The lecture includes an introduction to wireless sensor networks, sensors, sensor nodes, WSN applications, and WSN challenges. Wireless sensor networks are tightly distributed, lightweight nodes, deployed in large numbers to monitor the environment or system. A physical quantity is tracked by a sensor and then the sensor is able to produce an observable quantity. The distribution of WSNs are in an ad hoc manner. Sensor nodes are fitted with on-board processors. Sensor nodes consist of three components: a sensor subsystem, a processing system, and a communication system. Sensors connect to a base station, and the base station is connected to the Internet. The Internet then has capabilities of data processing, mining, storage, and analysis. The application of WSNs discussed next. The first application of WSNs is battlefield surveillance and monitoring. The next application is air pressure, temperature, and humidity. The last applications discussed are noise level, patient diagnosis and monitoring, agriculture, and IoT. Four challenges of WSNs discussed are scalability, quality of service, energy efficiency, and security.

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