Workflow of Server-Based Indoor Positioning Projects

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  • July 2, 2021
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infsoft | Workflow of Server-Based Indoor Positioning Projects
Introduction: This video from Infsoft shows the workflow of server-based indoor positioning projects. This video aims to provide you with the individual steps of a server-based indoor positioning project such as an asset or a person tracking solution. Step 1 is specifying customer needs. Infsoft jointly identifies customer needs in a first project meeting, considering industry sector, target groups, and target scenarios. Step 2 is a solution proposal. Based on your requirement, a sensible and practical solution is designed and a tracking system that will fit your company’s needs is suggested. Step 3 is selection of technology which can depend on the intended purpose and condition of sight. Step 4 is venue mapping, which includes digitization. A digital recording of your building lays the foundation for the use of indoor tracking, indoor analytics, and geo-based services. Step 5 is the installation of hardware. Infsoft supports on-site installation and takes into account any special features. Step 6 is calibration of positioning. The location of locator nodes and beacons is set in the back end. Step 7 is system rollout. Your server-based solution is delivered as a full-service solution. You will also receive access to the Infsoft back-end tools. Lastly, step 8 is training and support. 

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