Wearable Intelligent Surveillance Solution

TECHDesign – Wearable Intelligent Surveillance Solution
Introduction: This video from TECH Design introduces Bovia’s wearable intelligent surveillance solution. TECH Design is a leading eCommerce platform to connect hardware innovators. Bovia is a startup company that is a spin-off from one of Taiwan’s largest research institutions, ITRI. Bovia focuses mainly on technology research and the development of solutions and deployment of smart city and factory security. They develop various types of imaging equipment including portable, wearable, and fast deployment equipment styles. They are equipped with 4G or 5G communication capabilities and are ultra-low power designs. Combined with Bovia’s mobile streaming stabilization and AI technology, their products are able to achieve near real-time mobile video transmission and AI alarms. Bovia is now a leading brand in Taiwan’s law enforcement domain and has been successfully introduced into central law enforcement units, including the National Police Agency, National Security Bureau, and the Investigation Bureau. The video then moves into a wearable intelligent surveillance solution demo. The AI Bodycam comes equipped with a magnet kit and bodycam device. Put the magnet kit inside and outside your clothes, place the device on the magnet, and turn on the device. Other products demoed include the helmet streaming device and the portable video streaming device.

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