Vero Solutions

Introduction To Vero Solutions
In the video titled “Vero Solutions”, Charlie Brackley, a sales manager with Harland Simon, discusses Vero Solutions and how it can make your pallets move more quickly, improve accuracy of date, and make driver more motivated and accountable.
Charlie then presents a link that describe exactly how the system operates. He goes into detail on how accurate the Vero Solutions system is. He specifies that this system has an accuracy within a couple of centimeters and 3 dimensions.
Then, he discusses KPI’s and what the data has to offer to an organization. Charlie then goes on to discuss how all this data that is being collected can help your organization function at full capacity. Some of the data that is being collected will be collected manually with employees scanning barcodes, scanning locations, and so on.
He then discusses how Vero Solutions can contribute to reducing stock checks overhead and increasing inventory accuracy within your organization. By having live tracking, every pallet that is being moved can be moved 10-15 seconds quicker. This increases efficiency because workers do not have to collect the data.
He then recaps all areas that were covered listing what they system has to offer. Charlie concludes the video with a URL to find out more information about the Vero Solution.

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