Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Smart Car

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Smart Car Access Explained By Continental And NXP
Introduction: In this video by NXP and Continental, it shows a joint research program to develop the next generation of car access systems. They are researching how to get secure and hands-free car access from your smartphone with the same convenience, safety, and security as a normal key. They think that the answer to that is using Ultra-Wideband technology. By using ultra-precise localization using signal Time of Flight, Ultra-Wideband can protect against people who try to steal cars by replicating the signal of the car key. This leads them to believe that Ultra-Wideband can transform the Internet of Things world tremendously. By using the same idea for unlocking your house door or even turning the lights in your house on and off, this is an everyday example of how UWB can be used to improve daily life.

How Does UWB Work?

UWB Indoor Positioning

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