The Business Benefits Of Cloud Computing

What Are The Business Benefits Of Cloud Computing, IaaS, PaaS And SaaS?
Introduction: In the video titled “The Business Benefits of Cloud Computing,” it discusses the benefits that cloud computing can bring to your business. They first begin discussing what cloud computing is and how it operates. Yes, they mentioned how with cloud computing, you only pay for the amount that you are using. 
Then, it discusses how by just plugging your cloud computing system into an ethernet, you get all the support and expertise needed. It also states how all is paid for as a service. Then, it uses multiple examples where this could come in handy. Then, the video discusses how cloud-based computing is cost efficient, does not require hardware, and does not require other systems to run it.
They then discuss how with cloud computing, any information can be collected from any location, at any time, on any device, rather than having to be in house. While on the same topic, they discuss infrastructure as a service or for short IAAS. Next, they discuss software as a service or known as SAAS.
Then, the video is concluded by discussing the company Macquarie Telecom same to contact them to start getting your business into the cloud. They also finish the video with a website so viewers can get more information on cloud computing.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Companies

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