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  • June 1, 2021
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Alert Together Social Distancing Application


“Social Distancing Application” by Bluepixel Technologies presents an IoT application named Alert Together. Alert Together tracks users’ locations to help them socially distance themselves from others. If you get an alert that someone is too close, you can quickly move away. In addition, if you are too close to another person using Alert Together, you will both get an alert. With this IoT application, you can choose the alert to come up as a notification, make a buzzer sound or let your phone vibrate.
Alert Together is useful because serious, life-threatening viruses such as COVID-19 have meant that doctors would enforce social distancing everywhere. In addition, doctors have raised awareness about the 1.5-meter rule to help reduce the spread of these viruses. Social distancing can also be tricky in certain public situations. You might be unsure if you and the nearest person are breaking social distancing rules. These situations can lead to anxiety over catching severe illnesses or that the other person may think you’re not careful enough.
Download Alert Together on Google Play to install Alert Together. You do not need an internet connection, your phone number, or user information. All you need to do is turn your location and Bluetooth on to take advantage of this IoT application.
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