Sinerji/ SAKI 3D AOI Technology

Sinerji/ SAKI 3D AOI Technology
SAKI 3D-AOI machines make inspection judgment on part assembly state and solder joint based on Saki’s original height measurement technology. In SMT assembly line, various parts from microchips to tall components are automatically mounted by pick and place machines. Saki Corporation has successfully developed Active projection technology which projects various pattern lightings for 3D measurement purpose in order to measure everything located on substrate up to 20mm in 3D. By switching projection patterns in high speed in real time and combining both narrow and wide range of measurement, our 3D-AOI machines realize broad dynamic ranges. They effectively serve for a wide range of substrate inspections such as smart phone substrate with small micro parts, on-vehicle substrate, industrial device substrate with tall parts and power supply circuit integrated server substrate. 3D-SPI uses the same technology and measurement range is optimized for measurement of printed solder paste condition.

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