Risks Of Cloud Computing

Risks Of Cloud Computing
Introduction: In the video titled “Risk of Cloud Computing,” Pragim Tech discusses some of the risks when it comes to cloud computing. They begin with an email and website link for more information on cloud computing risk.
He then goes on to one of the main risks of cloud computing that he discusses in the video, which is loss of cloud data and services. The next risk that he discusses in cloud computing is data security.
Then, he shows an animation of cyber threats to give a better example of how often security threats can happen. The next risk that he discusses in cloud computing is compliance. He also goes into the legal risk of it. Another risk that he discusses in the video is cost concerns of cloud computing.
Then, he covers all of these risks, briefly reviewing what he just went over. He then concludes the video with a few parting words, mentioning that another video will be coming out soon. He also leaves a Facebook, Twitter, and a blog site where viewers can find more information on risk of cloud computing. Throughout the whole video, he leaves a link where viewers can download all of their videos. He also leaves a Facebook and Twitter account.

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