RFID Classroom Attendance

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  • June 4, 2021
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RFID Classroom Attendance


This video by Digital Edu and Dani Data Systems shows DDS’ Handheld Reader and Smart ICard attendance capturing process. The video talks through the attendance capturing process using the RFID device. Firstly, switch on the device, tap class ICard, tap faculty ICard, enter subject code and tap student ICards one by one. To close the attendance capturing process cycle, tap the faculty ICard once again, enter the number of lectures for which you want to mark attendance, and tap class ICard. The video then shows a visual walk through of the steps described before, including turning on the device, tapping all the required cards, and closing out the attendance capturing cycle. There will be a blue light as you tap the ICards to the device. The blue light indicates that attendance has been captured successfully. This RFID attendance capturing process is much more efficient than manually taking attendance and because the device is handheld, it is easy to carry it around the classroom.

RFID Classroom Attendance For School & College

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