PIR Motion Sensor

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  • June 16, 2021
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Best Modules Corp: PIR Motion Sensor
Introduction: This video titled “PIR Motion Sensor” by Holtek Semiconductor Inc. shows Holtek’s Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors and PIR Detector Miniaturized Module. Holtek is a Taiwan-based designer and provider of semiconductors.
The product series shown is the HT7M Series PIR Module, which includes the HT7M2126, HT7M2127, HT7M2136, HT7M2156, and HT7M2176. Shown next are the module’s components including the PCBA, pin header, module number, lens holder, PIR sensor, and the lens. The operating principle is sensing the movement of a body’s infrared. There is a maximum horizontal angle of 121 degrees, a maximum vertical angle of 77 degrees, and a maximum sense distance of 2.8-12 M.
There are two operating modes. With the first mode, the Stand-Alone Mode, the PIR module directly controls external devices. With the second mode, the Network Mode, the PIR module is controlled by the MCU. Shown next is the HT7M Series Demo Board. Install the HT7M Series PIR Module. Next, plug the board into an outlet and wait the 12 seconds warm-up period. There is a daytime lighting control mode selection for saving power and a night mode for normal operation at daytime or night. Application areas include security systems, intelligent lighting, and monitors.

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