MT1195 Micro Mini Barcode Scanner

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  • May 27, 2021
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MT1195 Micro Mini Barcode Scanner Sets A New Trend For Mobile POS Applications
This video titled “MT1195 Micro Mini Barcode Scanner” from Computex Taipei showcases the MT1195 Micro USB Mini Barcode Scanner by Marson Technology Co., Ltd. Marson Technology is a leading developer of barcode scanners and RFID tag readers in Taiwan. The MT1195 Micro USB Mini Barcode Scanner won one of Computex Taipei’s 2015 awards focusing on functionality, innovation, and market potential.
One of Marson Technology’s account managers, Ellen Chiang, discusses with Taipei Computer Association’s spokesperson Gini Lin about the product. Compared to other scanners, the MT1195 is much smaller. Chiang then discusses why Marson Technology developed the product. The MT1195 was designed specifically for mobile device data collection applications.
The MT1195 can be integrated with a smartphone or tablet to enable everyday mobile devices with enterprise grade scanning capabilities. Instead of the user having to buy a data collector, they are now able to simply plug the MT1195 into a smartphone or tablet. The product comes with a plug and play interface and plugs directly into the micro-USB port of a smartphone or tablet. The scanner is then triggered via a scan key app and an onscreen floating scan key. Chiang then shows how the product works and includes a demonstration of using the MT1195 in a retail checkout scenario.

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