Live Student Attendance System

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  • May 28, 2021
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Live Student Attendance System For Student And Staff | Online Student And Staff Attendance System


In the video titled “Live Student Attendance System” from the company Dolphin Infotech, RFID and UHF is briefly defined, emphasizing that there will be real time information provided through text for both students and staff. Given this, parents will receive messages whenever their student enters and exits the school building. In addition, this information can be provided on a mobile app.

A video of the system in use is provided. This shows that the reader, which looks similar to the scanners in airports, can scan each student’s card at a rapid rate and from a distance away. For example, in the video, the scanner is reading the cards that are around the student’s neck.

A second video is shown with the scanner being above a door frame. Similar to the previous shown example, the scanner reads the student’s card from a distance and at a rapid speed. Finally, what the company provides, such as the cloud-based software, RFID cards, a mobile app, and attendance machines, is explained along with contact information to reach out to the company.


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