Lecture 18: Routing Protocols Part 1

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  • May 7, 2021
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Lecture 18: Routing Protocols Part 1
Introduction: In this lecture, Talha Ibn Aziz, the author, explains about the Routing Protocols that are integrated with WSN. He starts off with an Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Introduction (AODV), then proceeds to teach us about the AODV Protocols. He includes an example of the AODV, then introduces Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), DSR Source Routing, and DSR Example Routing.
The AODV maintains a routing table like many other protocols. There are three essential fields with this, which include a next hop node and a sequence number and a hop count. The sequence of numbers serves as a timestamp and is a measure of freshness of the route. DSR, also known as Dynamic Sound Routing, where it is a protocol for wireless mesh networks, is similar to AODV. They are similar because it forms route-on-demand when transmitting node request in route. Also, it uses source routing instead of the routing table of each node. All of the routing information is continually updated at every mobile node.

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