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  • June 2, 2021
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QuadMinds – IoT Solutions: Waste Management (English)


In the video titled “IoT Solutions: Waste Management,” Quadminds uses animations to demonstrate how IoT can be helpful in the waste management industry. In the first animation that is used, dumpsters have a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) located on the inside to track how many trash bags are thrown in. Then when they RFID send a signal where they are located. Quadminds platform then send a signal to the trash collectors showing a direct route to the containers.
This system can help to integrate the management system, create route plans, and assign truck and coordinators to locations. The system enables them to be tracking the routes the trucks are on. All this information is shown to supervisors with a live service tracking system.
The platform also grants an exact number of how many containers were serviced and if they met their quota for the day.
Later in the animation, they display that with the data that is collected, it can rate driver’s efficiency and how well they are working. The animation continues displaying a volume sensor on the lid of the container. When full, filler alerts are sent through the system, creating a special route to collect all trash as soon as possible.
Finally, Quadminds list what they can bring when connecting the waste management industry.
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