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In this video created by Mobiloitte, you will gain an understanding of the company. Mobiloitte is a premier, full-service mobile and web application development group with special focus on security, scale and performance across the BOTS, APPS, Digital and IoT landscape. They are apt in the early adoption of new technologies for their clients to always stay ahead of the curve in their go-mobile, automation strategies. The video demonstrates what services and solutions they provide, including B2B apps, repair, upgrade, maintenance, office automation, and more! You will see the timeline of the company and how they grew to what they are now. Additionally, you will learn by what means IoT can change how business is done in different industries, including manufacturing, transportation, real estate, agriculture, hospitality, life sciences, healthcare, education, utility, and telecom. You will also be introduced to Mobiloitte’s “5D” engagement process: discover, develop, diligence, deliver, demonstrate. Finally, you will see how IoT is driven by sensors, connectivity, and people and processes. The uses of this technology is shown through real-life examples in the agricultural, building and infrastructure, health, transportation, and home consumer industries.
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IoT In Healthcare – Mobiloitte

IoT Solution V2 | Mobiloitte

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