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  • June 2, 2021
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In this video by Mobiloitte, you will learn what IoT is and how it can be used in healthcare. IoT is the internet of things and has been gaining more traction. IoT grants users the luxury of transferring information without contacts of people to people, or people to computer. When this occurs, you can increase efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences and service.  You will also learn the market drivers such as the next generation of internet connectivity, LPWAN technology, and high mobile adoption to name a few. You will also learn the benefits of IoT technology including lower operating costs, increasing productivity, expanding markets, developing smart products/services, customer insight and analytics, etc. Finally, you will learn why Mobiloitte is the obvious choice for IoT technologies. This is because of their 12+ years of experience in the business, flexible engagement models, strong tech competency, over 500+ full time employees, cost effective and on-time delivery, and much more! Some of their solutions include smart parking at hospitals, hospital interactive maps, patient flow management, remote health monitoring, and real time asset tracking. Mobiloitte focuses on the client by quick and easy management and innovative services.
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