IoT Flyer Telecommunication

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  • June 2, 2021
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IoT Flyer Telecommunication Mobiloitte


In this video from Mobiloitte entitled “IoT Flyer Telecommunication,” a sequence of slides to explore IoT for telecommunication is displayed.
The telecom industry is currently very competitive and is driven mainly by data. Mobile tower monitoring has become challenging as the networks are expanding and with the various security threats. It becomes even more challenging when the energy consumption and assets are not being maintained suitably. This is causing a deterioration in profits. However, Mobiloitte introduces an end-to-end site solution to monitor towers and encourage efficient daily operations in the future of the industry.
The industry stakeholders of this issue are the telecom industry, the telecom infra industry, and the consumer. These stakeholders have many business challenges including fuel theft, high OPEX, and tight SLA. Mobiloitte has four key areas to overcome these challenges and create efficient solutions. These four areas are decision analytics, autonomous systems, information systems, and marketing automation.
Some of the enterprise-level IoT solutions for this industry are managing alarms, tracking assets, surveillance and security measures, and more. These solutions allow the industry to efficiently analyze data and more.
The customer experience solutions include contact sensors, IP cameras, alerts to technicians when faults occur, and more. These solutions allow the industry to manage the RPM speed of engines, track generators, and more.
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