InstaTag – Smart Solution For E-Toll

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  • June 2, 2021
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InstaTag – Smart Solution For E-Toll | Parking Payments | Traffic | Vehicle Access Management


In the video titled “Insta Tag – Smart Solution For E-Toll” produced by the acclaimed company Ibot Technologies, the problem of waiting and spending too much time at traffic lights of event parking garages is assessed. The average commute daily to work is around 45 minutes. Now, imagine doing this 5 days a week for 2 times a day. That’s spending almost 18 days in one year traveling and waiting for lights to change!
Ibot Technologies’ InstaTag is a solution to this ongoing problem. The InstaTag is a device that allows you to register everything from your vehicle, registration, insurance, and PUC details. This tag also allows one to see where and when they parked their car, access tolls with no problem, warnings for speeding, and detect traffic intensity.
With this new device you can increase your travel speed from 2% to 12%, reduce traffic from 11% to 30%, and overall increase the traffic volume by 9.06%. The InstaTag device can help you save time, fuel, and money. These small changes can even contribute to saving our planet for better living.
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