How To Design A BLE GATT?

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  • July 13, 2021
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How To Design a BLE GATT? (2021) | Introduction to BLE

Introduction: In this video by Makerdemy, they discuss why GATT design is important, the general guidelines, and designing a GATT for BLE Home Automation Project. He talks about how the Bluetooth GATT is the start of designing a Bluetooth system.

He then discusses the GATT guidelines and things to remember when designing a Bluetooth system. The benefits include reducing the size of data packets, considerable reduction in development time, interoperability with third party devices and applications, and more. He shows an example of a Bluetooth system in a house.

Next, he discusses the steps for implementing GATT, including documenting the different user scenarios and data points, define the services, characteristics, and permissions, reuse Bluetooth SIG-adopted services and characteristics, defining UUIDs to custom services and characteristics, and implement the services and characteristics using the vendor SDK APIs.

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