How Is Robotics And AI Technologies Changing Supply Chain

How is robotics and AI technologies changing Supply Chain
“The supply chain has to react to the market quickly. It should be flexible, expandable, so you can increase or reduce your capacity and save costs.” But how do you achieve this?  We believes the best way is by having a smart warehouse built on a foundation of robotic technology. Learn more about how robotics and people are combining to improve supply chains, logistics and the world.Thought starters Thought-provoking ideas about the key trends shaping business. At Goodman, we make space for our customers’ greatest ambitions. That’s why we’ve spoken to inspirational experts around the world to uncover insights into the key trends shaping our customers’ businesses – today, tomorrow and beyond. E-commerce, supply chain and urbanisation are just the beginning. We found out that what people want, will change cities. We challenged if data is enough to solve the complex logistics puzzle of last-mile delivery. And investigated what makes Gen Z tick as consumers. Thought starters is a short-form video series that delves into how changes to cities, society and spaces, will influence how we do business as the 21st century unfolds.

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