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What Is Cloud Computing: Hosted Desktop UK
Introduction: In this video from Hosted Desktop UK titled “Hosted Desktop,” the concepts of cloud computing are covered and explored in depth. Cloud computing is a service and application provided over the internet and secured in a database. It can be accessed with any internet device like a desktop, phone, and more.
Some simple examples of cloud computing applications are websites, Dropbox, and software as a service. There are three types of clouds available to users: the public, private, and hybrid cloud. The public cloud is for using software and infrastructure outside of a user’s work space. It is very secure even when using someone else’s system, and allows users to gain enterprise level equipment at a fraction of the cost. The private cloud is a cloud within the office and allows users to customize their system. The hybrid cloud is a mixture of both and allows users to customize what resources to use from each cloud.
Infrastructure as a system is a cloud provider that hosts a system and gives users access to virtual machines. Platform as a service takes the benefits of infrastructure as a structure, but includes an operating system. Software as a service has all the benefits of the infrastructure and platform as a service, but includes the software as well.

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