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  • June 18, 2021
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How To Check History Report On GPSVTS Application | GPS Vehicle Tracking Software | VAMOSYS – VAMOSYS
In the video titled “GPS Vehicle Tracking Software”, Vamosys gives a detailed presentation on their system, showing exactly how it operates. They first go over information needed to login to your system to get to the homepage. Next, they open the tracking history page to see the movement of vehicles from that day, the previous day, and the last twelve or six hours. This enables us to see the exact route the vehicle is taking as well as the fuel efficiency in relation to the speed. There is also a feature that allows you to select the exact vehicle that you want to examine. The video then demonstrates how to select an exact date to see that vehicle’s travel throughout the current day or the previous seven days. By clicking on the G map link, it takes you to Google maps to see the exact location of the vehicle. There are two different options to see the history report, and both ways are displayed. When looking at the history report, you are also able to see the movement, over speeding, parking, idle speed, ignition, and stoppage of this vehicle. Vamosys then concludes the video with an email, phone number, and a link to get more information on the system.


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