Fundamentals Of Cloud Computing

Fundamentals Of Cloud Computing – Chapter 01
Introduction: In the video titled “Fundamentals of Cloud Computing,” Cloud That provides a video where they discuss some modules that they will be going over about the fundamentals of cloud computing.
First, the video begins with the key takeaways of the video, which is understanding what the fundamentals are of clothes computing. It begins by helping viewers understand what exactly cloud computing is. The video uses animations throughout the presentation to help you understand the cloud computing fundamentals. 
The speaker then begins discussing why cloud computing is important for the world. The reasons why cloud computing is important is because of the robust current market. Another reason he discusses is lack of skill in the cloud computing world.
Next, with the use of animations and graphs, he shows growth predictions of cloud computing and how it is a growing system. With clouds continuously growing, he discusses how this will open many jobs soon.  Cloud That then concludes the video with a few parting words, as well as, briefly summarizing what was just covered in the video. It also mentions what will be reviewed in the next module video that will be posted.

Career Roadmap For Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Transform

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