Fixed RFID Tracking Solution

How To Use Itemit’s Fixed RFID Tracking Solution
In the video titled “Fixed RFID Tracking Solution,” the company Itemit displays how to use their fixed radio frequency identification tracking solution.
First, they show the site with what comes with the system for your organization. She then goes into a brief description of the site home page, giving a tour of what is being shown. The speaker also clicks on parts of the site to go into detail of what that part of the system can bring in terms of data. 
Next, the assets page is discussed, showing its unique abilities that will help an organization run smoothly. Then, the audience will see the user page. This is where a company can control what users have access to and other accessibility.
Going to the reports page, all parts of this page is detailed to show how it would function. The speaker then passes the presentation on to another employee, Luis.
Luis will be going over the set-up of the RFID fixed readers. He starts off on the devices page, showing one device that is being tracked. This shows that these trackers and the last time assets were scanned by the device with their location. New readers can be added to also see what assets it has tracked. Readers can also be tracked to see where they are scanning from as well as updating its software. They conclude the video with an email and phone number to contact Itemit for more information.
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