Face Recognition With Mask Detection

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  • June 12, 2021
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I-Face – Face Recognition, Temperature Measurement With Mask Detection System.
In the video titled “Face Recognition with Mask Detection,” the company named i-TEK gives a presentation on the i-Face software. This is a system that enables organizations to scan human body temperatures while maintaining social distancing.
I-Tek then shows the system with each feature on it and a display of how it will look. Then, they show a few employees using the i-Face system as an example of how it operates. The video also shows what happens when someone’s face is not recognized and access is not granted. The system also will not grant access without a face mask being worn.
The system enables live body recognition, a respond time of 0.5 seconds or greater, and body temperature detection (30 C – 45 C) with discrepancy of +_ 0.5 C.  The system has a high reliability and is also capable of storing 24,000+ facial images and up to 50,000 captured records. The i-Face system is supported with multiple interfaces such as I/O, WG26, WG34, and RJ45.
Then it demonstrates how to register a facial recognition on the system.  In the device terminal, there are multiple tabs allowing changed to be made to the i-Face system. Also, firmware upgrades can be implemented on the device terminal. Then they discuss the installation scenarios, mobile solution, turnstile solution, and wall mount solution (which was demonstrated in this video). They conclude the video with and URL, email, and phone number to contact them for more information.

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